We support many people who have either been detained under the Mental Health Act or have complicated histories. We help them get back active control over their lives to experience once again a positive sense of self.

Under our supported living programme, we assist service users to access services such as housing, travel, education and leisure, which support daily living, and help them to take on significant and fulfilling social roles in society.

We work with service users to devise strategies to enable them cope with everyday living and self discovery.

At Diligent Care Services we tailor our supported living services to the individuals needs and requirements.

Depending on need, we are able to provide a safe and secure environment, to enable each individual to receive a variety of treatments, care and support to enable each person to live a fulfilling life.

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"If I have an appointment, I am happy that a carer is able to come with me. They really help me when I need it most."